Is the coil safe or can it cause infertility?

  • Posted on May 11, 2011 at 1:49 pm

I Have Tried 3 different birth control pills and me and my boyfriend use condoms but i do worry That This Is not safe enough. I really do want children in To Have A Few Years Time to my doctor he Has Told Me Thinks The coil and Canon IS unsafe cause infertility. This has worried me now! Please help!

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  1. Healer says:

    The answer depends on how safe you are from sexually transmitted infections. The problem is that if you get one with an iud in place, it can be devastating, and hurt your fertility, because the infection can spread to your tubes and ovaries, and other internal organs. If the two of you were virgin when you met and have never had sex with anyone else, and never intend to have sex with anyone else your risk is low.

    Other options include the patch, only has to be changed once a week, and the ring, only has to be changed once a month

  2. Mei M says:

    The copper coil, aka Copper IUD, is just like mirena minus the hormones. It’s inserted into your cervix where it stays for the next 10 years unless you choose to remove it.

    I would consider it one of the more safer types of BC, because it does not use hormones–unless you’re allergic to copper, which is highly unlikely and you would already know.

    It works by releasing copper ions that reside in your mucus and make it harder for the egg to attach, fertilized or not. I’m considering it myself, since it’s safer than BC without the clotting possibility and the hormones effect.

    You doctor might be thinking about the copper coils that you insert into the fallopian tubes and then heat up to create scar tissue which -does- create nearly permanent infertility.

    If you decide that you eventually want kids, you just have it removed, and in about 1-3 months you can get pregnant. It’s a really nifty device, and I would recommend it.

    Side effects include heavier periods (you can’t manipulate your periods like you can with the pills, mirena, patch or depo) and cramping, and there is a very small chance of it perforating your abdominal wall (I’d take that over clotting, though D: )

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